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VIATRADE was founded in 2010.

Our staff are the sharpest people in the barter business, all of which undergo constant training...

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Business owners talk about the benefits of bartering


    My network has grown significantly since joining VIATRADE a few months ago and continues to grow because of this program. Itís fantastic.

Felix Opoku
Unified Fitness Personal Training

Why choose VIATRADE

Attract New Customers

Being a member of VIATRADE means guaranteed new customers. In most cases, these are customers you never would have had otherwise because they already buy using VIATRADE. Also, new customers will come from a much larger geographic region because you are a member.

Increase Sales

Our members see an average increase in sales between 15-25%. The new sales median in VIATRADE dollars per member is approximately 40 Ė $50,000.00 per year!

Save Cash

By using VIATRADE dollars to buy products and services instead of paying cash you immediately leave more money in the bank. Why pay cash when you can trade and get new customers by doing so? Sometimes itís not about how much cash is coming in, itís about how much cash is going out.

Make Use of Excess Inventory, Capacity or Downtime

Unless your business is running at full capacity and you canít possibly handle any new sales, you should be working with VIATRADE to send you new customers where and when you need them. Fill in the valleys where business is slower or sell idle inventories.

Buy Thousands Of Products and Services On Trade!

You can buy from businesses who sell products and services that suit your business or personal requirements. Need printing? No problem and no cash! Need a new pair of glasses? Sure, your money is no good here, just VIATRADE dollars.

Trading is Easy

At VIATRADE we take care of our members. We use state of the art technology and software to track and manage all VIATRADE barter transactions. Members have access to the online B2B marketplace where they can shop for products and services, offer new products and services...